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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

AU team factory

In the midst of the rising blogging craze, EZweb by AU phones in Japan has come up with a nice service that looks to take blogging away from the geeks and push it into the mainstream. Users can create a custom 'avatar' - a cartoon image to identify themselves online and then add more personalisation to the avatar by adding goods.

The fun part is that the goods are all available in real-life from well known brands so your avatar could be wearing the latest nike sneakers or carrying the new season bag from Gucci.

The service is free and lets you invite friends and communicate with your group through messaging users who create the avatar can then use this in the DUOBLOG mobile-blogging system to add personality to their sites.

Now for the special part - users can buy all the items their avatar wears or uses for themselves to truely mimic their online personality in the real-world.


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