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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is i-mode dead?

Today one of my collegues showed off a new i-appli that he had found. For anyone who isn't familiar with the Japanese i-mode network, an i-appli is basically a java appi specifically created for DoCoMo phones.

Anyway, this new i-appli that has got everyone in the office excited is a really good 'full browser' called 'scope' that lets you view real websites through your mobile phone. He showed me it in action and I must say I was impressed. With the 3G FOMA network the images and page content loaded up fast and looked sharp on the small screeen.

This has got me thinking about what this means for services like i-mode ?

Could it be that the in the future content for mobile sites will be no different from real sites? Will i-mode and WAP content become redundant?


At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Deluxe said...

Interesting, in western countries like Australia, UK and Canada most phones are capable of rendering standard websites in a 'Small Screen' kindof way, but still WAP content is far more popular than trying to view full pages.

The new DoCoMo 901iS series all come with built in full-size browsers, aswell which means a fair amount of impact upon iMode.

iMode itself, the consept will not die, it's essentially mobile internet features, you know, movies, busses etc - The content however I believe will change, becoming more advanced.

But for those of us unfortunately blessed with western ( Aka, "Boring" ) keitai will for this little while have to suffer without our full-screen broadband speed browsing, or mobile wallet - and stick with the same old same old silver clamshell with limited features and low aesthetic value ;).

That's my two cents anyway ;)!


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