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Thursday, July 14, 2005

AU launch Felica..

Sony Ericsson are to release two new models on the AU network that will use 'Felica' technology - the mobile phone wallet payment system.
The new phones - W32H and and W32S will be the first phones on the AU network and the first phones outside of the DoCoMo network to implement the payment system.

One thing worth noting is that DoCoMo has trademarked the Japanese term for 'Mobile phone wallet' but is now allowing AU to use the same phrase in their promotions. This points to a collaborative effort by the carriers in Japan to bring the Felica technology out to the mainstream user.

901is series

I recieved a parcel today with a whole heap of Felica test phones and was delighted to see the new 901is series in there, I will test drive them all so please check the 'news' section to see how they fare.

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