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Friday, August 12, 2005

Japan vodafone concept mobile phones

If you want to see some very nice concept phones that are on the cards from Vodafone then you need to see this nice flash driven site.


It is a classy site and the phones look great, my personal favorite is the 'wallet', which I think blends the normally hard, high-tech mobile phone into an elegant style accessory.

The flash is a bit hard to navigate but is definitely worth a look.

Hint: If the music annoys you then do switch it off on the first screen before launching the flash.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Easy to use mobile phone RSS reader - FREE and SIMPLE

Today I am launching the first draft of my mobile RSS reader service: pixs.jp, and I would be grateful for any feedback you might have if you try using it.

I have been interested in a simple way of implementing a mobile internet site with contemporary content and have found that the easiest way to do this is by formatting the vast amount of RSS feeds availably into a format readable by mobile phones. It is a simple idea but so far I haven't found a site doing it in quite the same way as me.

This project started out as a way for me to get the western content that I like reading onto my mobile phone here in Japan. There are plenty of mobile sites here but few that cater for the English reading market so I decided to make my own. Since I made the service, me and my friends have found it extremely useful so I have decided to publicise it with a mind to making it into a bigger system.

The service is free and will remain free. If one day I can find a way to spin money off the top of it then I might do that, however, the content will never be affected as a result so I hope people will find it a useful day to day tool.

If you have any feeds you would like to see on the directory then please submit them, I will vet them of course as I don't want anything unsavoury appearing on my site, not that I am suggesting that you, my dear readers, would do something like that, but hey, there are plenty of weirdos out there.

And if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, or if the system doesn't work on your handset then please leave me a comment on this site. I will find it which ever post you choose to make the comment on so please don't be shy, it will help to grow this into a useful service for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Point your phone to this address : http://www.pixs.jp

If the beta is successful I will put up a .com and .co.uk mirror to speed up the accesses for you guys outside of Japan.

Thanks for your support.


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